Find, Rip & Flip
Destructive Believes!

Hey Friend, I’m Sandra Fromme!

I am here to help you to Find, Rip and Flip destructive believes that cause you to feel overlooked, not good enough, being stuck and being overweight, so you can live the life you deserve. Goal? Time and Money Freedom with More Energy! 

Prior of transforming my own life I was massively overweight, hiding in a dark bedroom, depressed, suicidal, felt worthless and could not go to work, take care of my children or have intimacy with my husband.

I did not know at first, but I sabotaged my entire life because of comments, trauma and abuse that happened in my childhood.

My thoughts focused habitually on the feeling that I am not good enough and worth nothing. 

I started applying what I teach in my seminars.

Within the first months I could let go of anti-depressant, started a new career, took action steps to get fit, lose weight and restored the relationship with my husband and kids. 

This was also the birth moment of the Survivor to Warrior Seminars.

A combination of careers as a Destiny Global Elite Coach, Christian Lifestyle Counsellor, Personal Trainer, and the education of Natural Health in nutrition.

I developed a program that gets you out of feeling worthless and overlooked whether you had an idyllic childhood or a traumatic one.

We will Find, Rip and Flip your destructive believes, help your brain to think clear working on 3 fundamental anchor impacting your thought life, Mind Cleansing, Physical Activation and Natural Nutrition. 

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