It’s More Than Food - It’s A Mindset!

June 20,2021 - by Sandra Fromme

“Change your lifestyle or take medications!”
These words came from my doctor as I consulted with him weighing 200 lbs. I felt embarrassed and hurt at first, however it was the starting point for me to change my life!

Living with an overweight body, signs of cardiovascular issues, joint pain and shortness of breath I realized that my thinking pattern matched 98% of the people around me. I believed that circumstances determined my success or failure. I found myself with a lifetime of excuses to stop me from moving forward.

I found myself saying:

I also did not realize that only 2% of the population have a completely different mindset when it comes down to body health decisions.

“2 percenters know it’s never the circumstances that determines their success in life; it’s what you do with the circumstances! The 2 percenters are people of action. They don’t talk about problems; they solve them. They don’t make excuses; they take personal responsibility. They don’t allow themselves to be limited by the obstacles in front of them; their vision pushes them forward, and they are determined to see their dreams become reality.” – D. Johnson …. (FEED YOUR FAMILY ON $100 A WEEK EBOOK)

I started to apply 4 Steps that helped me to succeed.

Step #1: Have a crystal-clear vision for my life:

What would I like to accomplish?
What do I want to change?

Step #2: What is my situation now:

What is stopping me?
What have I already tried?

Step #3: What are my options:

What will be my first step?
Who might be able to help?

Step #4: How committed am I:

What obstacles will I face?
What resources can help me?

Sandra Fromme

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