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My upbringing was in the poor to middle class; I did not expect much from life. By experiencing the effects of alcohol and violence in my home, I developed a mindset consisting of poverty, excuses, anger, judgement, depression and very poor people skills. I started to hate people! All the hate and negative programing began to show up externally; first as a bulimic child, and later as a massively overweight adult.

Most people think that being overweight is the showing of a problem in the gut. However, looking at the scientific functions of the body, it is your adrenal glands, thyroid and central nervous system that need attention. The visible fat mass is only a symptom of a malfunctioning inner system. We often experience it as being overwhelmed, depressed, stressed, angry, lonely and worthless, topped with unhealthy eating habits.

At one point, as my obesity developed into pain around my heart, back and joints, as well as shortness of breath and mental instabilities, my doctor advised me to get physical and mental help.  Realising that I did not have the knowledge and tools to get me out of my threatened health condition, I got targeted by multiple distributors of shakes, vitamins, oils, juices and capsules. None of them had what I wanted to improve my quality of life, but I sure paid a lot of money for them.

I desperately needed change and coaching in all areas of my life, and not only for my extra fat mass. I needed to work on my stress level and on how to better understand and communicate with my husband and children. I needed to learn how to save our money, not spend it all, and how to stop unhealthy co-depended relationships. I needed someone that walked the walk and got results!

It has now been over 10 years since I found my coach and mentor Dani Johnson and the Destiny Global training. One step at a time I changed my body-health, restored our family life, payed off all debt and flipped my weak mental health into strong confidence. I am now an internationally certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Educator and Nutrition Coach, and best of all, I am grateful to be a certified Coach with Destiny Global. 

I will walk the walk with you!

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