Break Free from Obesity Coaching Program

With community-based and client-focused coaching, this is a nutrition education and exercise program for people with pre-existing or current health-threatening conditions cause by obesity.

The program is built on 4 pillars

  1. Personal Assessment to design your goals.

    Many people go through life on autopilot. No clear vision for their health and lives in general until a doctor drops a comment or they realise it on their own.

    Without meaningful goals or motivation to change, weight loss becomes a strong desire but remains unmanageable for years.

    How many more years are you willing to life like this?

    Together we will partner to design your goals, develop a vison, and set measurable outcomes specific to what you want to achieve. With me as your coach, you can expect a confidential and safe space where you can focus on exploring change, talk through challenges, and clarify what you want to see in your life.

  2. 4 Physical Sessions in Water or on Land.

    The “Break Free” Program uses exercises that can help you to reactivate your metabolism, reduce fat, detoxify and cardiovascular improvement.

    When health is threatened by obesity, people are at risk of developing a range of serious medical issues. Most often people see the first signs on their outer appearance; however, the developing health problems can affect nearly every part of the body, including the thyroid system, brain, heart, blood, organs, liver, but also the bones, joints and muscles.

    The Break Free exercises are focused on exercises movements that put minimal stress on your joints. I will guide you through a 4-station activity circuit on land or in water to develop strength, stamina and balance.

  3. 4 Nutrition Sessions.

    Do you recognize any of these symptoms?

    Low energy, sleeplessness, mood swings, constipation, indigestion, headaches, irritability, weight problems, arthritis, allergies, hay fever, a fuzzy head, blood pressure, blood sugar problems and skin problems?

    If you do, you might not have happy hormones.

    What does is it have to do with your goal of losing weight? – Just about everything!

    Hormones control almost every body function, such as the kidney, liver, lung, skin, and heart. As well as metabolism (controls body weight) and appetite.

    When we talk about nutrition, we are not looking at the symptoms, we are looking at the root cause of a sluggish metabolism and weight gain.

    Let’s cut through the confusing information of diets and find the right path for your body.

  4. Client Focused Coaching Sessions.

    Client Focused Coaching for people with health threatening conditions caused by obesity.

    Obesity and the pre-stage of obesity affects millions of people across Canada, limiting them from enjoying life and participating in daily activities.

    All 4 coaching sessions are focussing on the core factors of why some people Break Free from Obesity or are being broken down by it. These sessions provide structure, guidance and motivation, so that each individual can successfully take the next step towards there their desired goal.

    The program is structured for one moth, each session is 1 one hour long and will be supplemented by tools that hold you accountable so that we can make sure you get the help you need.

    To get more info for the “Break Free from Obesity” Program, please click on the link.

Break Free!
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